Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Roo Update

So Ruthie had a reaction to the MMR vaccine. Not very pretty, huh? We've been housebound for the last three days except for pediatrician visits. She seems better every day and she's mostly back to her usual happy self; she just looks....mottled. We had a visit from a public health nurse from the county health department, (THAT was interesting) I was a little worried that she would put on a HazMat suit and tape plastic around our door but she must have been all out of tape. The weather is supposed to get super hot in the next few days so perhaps it is best if we stay inside anyway.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Lazy Friday

Playgroup was cancelled this morning so that left the twins and I with no plans. We spent the morning at the park but the heat drove us inside after about an hour. Alden was crawling on the play structure and he popped some jolly rancher type candy in his mouth. I grabbed it and threw it over my shoulder into the acres of wood chips on the ground. After a few minutes I feel a little tug on my pants and there is my little Roo proudly holding up the shiny pink gob as if to scold me for littering.
Now we are home, and the babies should be waking up pretty soon, hungry for lunch. After lunch we might go see what's crackin' on campus; the freshmen are moving in today! Daddy has been busy all week helping out with emergencies and mysterious equipment failures.

In other news, the twins got their first haircuts this past weekend. They looks so grown up!

Before: Dig the mullet?


Alden before:

After: Clutching my boob for comfort, such a man!


So yeah, I started a blog.