Monday, October 6, 2008

Some Ruthisms

Aunt Squeaky is getting married on Halloween, this weekend Ruth and I attended her bridal shower. Poor Roo was very confused about why everyone was coming to Auntie Amy's house to take a shower. When I told her it was almost time for the shower to start, she said: "I don't WANT to take a shower"!

This weekend there was lots of wedding talk, and on the ride home from the festivities, I asked the twins if they were going to get married someday. Ruth said "Mama, us getting married". I asked for clarification and she said "Me and Alden, us getting married". Well, I guess that is one way to save money on their weddings. We might need to move to Arkansas.....

Today we met up with Nick for lunch, as we were leaving he took Ruthie to the potty. When they came back he showed me a wet spot on the back of her jeans, she likes to lean back when she pees, which results in a stream of urine shooting over the front of the bowl. It's lovely. When we were loading them into the car, Nick decided to take off her pants since we were just going straight home for naps. Ruthie yelled "Mama, daddy peepee onna my pants, now I naked!" I said: "Daddy peeed on your pants?" She yelled: "Yup, him peed on my pants!"

On the ride home from lunch, both kids were a little punchy. Ruthie had her bunty (pacifier) and she decided to hide it from Alden. From the backseat I hear: "Mama, I hidda my bunty in my bottom. It's inna my panties", then she has a fit of giggles. Me, horrified, driving on the freeway: "Your bunty is in your booty?" Her, giggling: "Yup, I hide it from Alden so he no take it." Giggle giggle giggle. OMG. I don't know where she actually hid it, but it was in her hand when we pulled up in front of our house.