Saturday, September 15, 2007

That's Okay Ruthie, You Can Keep It!

I think it is really her color anyway, right? Ruthie is very girly, she must have her purse and shoes before we leave the house. She's also become interested in makeup, it must be some innate girly instinct b/c she certainly didn't get that from me! She picks up anything cylindrical and rubs it on her lips. She slipped a little and stuck this one in her nose, I don't think I want it back.

A Chick Magnet in Patent Leather Mary Janes?

Ruthie is obsessed with shoes and apparently Alden is too! They discovered a drawer full of shoes that don't quite fit and INSISTED on wearing the black patent leather pair. We have two pairs and Alden, who normally wears a 5.5W crammed his feet into these little 4.5 shoes. He happily wore them for hours. We also played with mommy's makeup. I'm filing this photo in the "blackmail" file!

Monterey Bay Aquarium

I was feeling brave (or foolish) and took the twins to the Monterey Bay Aquarium last week. I was a little worried that they are too young to enjoy it, but I am happy to say I was wrong! They had a wonderful time and Ruthie learned two new words: fish and bird. I also discovered that Alden loves kelp and tasting sea water. Our favorite exhibit was the touch pool and the Outer Bay exhibit. The touch pool has special raised areas for the little ones and the twins were able to dip their hands in the water and fish out things like abalone shells, kelp, starfish, etc. The Outer Bay exhibit is the world's largest fishtank. There are huge huge windows and the fish and sharks are not shy about coming up to the glass to say hello. The whole aquarium is VERY kid friendly! Many of the exhibits have little knobs or levers that kids can manuever to reveal questions, pictures, etc. There was also a little slide in the sea otter area, the purpose was for kids to watch a video on how river otters slide down banks, but I think that was a little advanced for the twins. We had an incredible time and I can't wait to go back! It was pretty hard being by myself because they both wanted to run/walk and rarely in the same direction. It would have been more relaxing if daddy was able to join us, maybe next time!

Monday, September 3, 2007

Happy Labor Day!

We went to the coast on Saturday, pictures will follow when I can get Nick to download them from our camera. It was a very exciting day! We had an altercation in the parking lot at the wharf, our friends (we all rode together in their van) have a handicap placard and the HummerBitches tried to jack our spot. We prevailed but (of course) the HummerSkanks ended up on the same boat tour and the kids and I sat right next to them!!! I almost plucked at the lady's G-string that was peeking out the back of her pants, but I thought better of it when I saw her gigantic faux-Prada bag that probably contained a can of mace.

It was so nice to escape the heat for a day, it was 105 here but a balmy 76 in Monterey! The kids were angels (as usual) and we had a great time.

On a side note, if a restaurant touts their "new and improved children's menu" don't you think they would/should have more than two highchairs and one booster seat? I'm just sayin'.