Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Twin love

The kids and I went to the mall today, of course we had to make a potty stop and this sweet scene unfolded:

The three of us crowded into a stall at JC Penney, Alden decided he wanted to stand to pee, so I got him into position and he let loose. I was encouraging him and he was smiling, then all of a sudden Ruthie leaned in and gave Alden a bear hug and said "Good job, I'm so proud of you Awwlden"! The hug knocked him a little off balance and the spray went a little crazy, but I hardly noticed through my misty eyes. I love it when they are so caring and supportive of each other.

This evening my dear friend Patty and I went shopping for the family my SAHM group has adopted for the holidays, we had a blast while Nick entertained the twins and Patty's son. When we got home Roo was asleep but the boys were up, waiting for their mamas. Alden's been waiting up for me when I have a rare evening out, it is so cute, he always looks a little surprised to see me then runs up for a hug.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Privacy Time

I walked into the playroom to find Alden in his poo crouch, I asked him how he was doing, and he said "go back in the kitchen and finish your eyeballs (buckeye balls)". I asked him if he was okay and he said "I already told you, I need privacy time", then he pushed me out the door and closed it. WTF. Are these kids 2.5 or 13?

Any ideas on how to get him to poop in the toilet? He's fine with going pee, but for dropping a deuce he needs a diaper.

Friday, December 12, 2008

I telling you last time!

"I want to watch Handy Mandy! Last time mama, I mean it! I not joking around."

Well, I suppose it is good that she's listening and understanding me when I say things to her.......

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Ruthie is a Narc

Tonight as we were driving home from looking at Christmas lights:

"Careful Doug, that's what Nana says to Gwampa" says Ruthie.
I say "When did Nana say that?"
"When him driving us to him's house, him's a cwazy driver and nana says careful Doug!"

My little tattler! Over Thanksgiving weekend we'd gone to downtown Placerville w/my family and nana and grandpa took the kids back to their house so Nick and I could have a date night. My dad is a pretty wild driver, he talks with his hands and likes to look you in the eye when you are talking, even if he's the one driving on the scary twisty narrow roads to his house.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Christmas 2008 formal pictures

I took the twins to Kiddie Kandids on Friday, we always have good results there, although some minor injury ALWAYS occurs before we step up to the platform for pictures. For their 2nd birthday session, I accidentally pinched Ruthie's thigh when I was snapping her onesie. This time Alden slammed his fingers in a drawer. Oh well, I think they are pretty darn cute!

Alden is potty trained!!!

My little sweetie is turning into such a big boy! We started potty training over Thanksgiving weekend while we were visiting my dad. I guess things just finally clicked for him and it's been pretty smooth sailing. Back when Roo decided to potty train, I figured I may as well try with Alden, but no dice. He could hold it for hours but wouldn't pee in the toilet no matter what I tried, he insisted on a diaper. Anyway, he looks so stinking cute in his little briefs, he even has little boxer briefs for the super hubba-hubba look. We are still wearing diapers for poop, and for overnights. I'm not quite ready to close the final chapter on this last shred of babyhood. This is a great step for him, preschool requires that he be potty trained, so I'm glad that's out of the way before next fall. We are working on his aim, maybe he and Nick can both learn at the same time! Haha.