Monday, September 3, 2007

Happy Labor Day!

We went to the coast on Saturday, pictures will follow when I can get Nick to download them from our camera. It was a very exciting day! We had an altercation in the parking lot at the wharf, our friends (we all rode together in their van) have a handicap placard and the HummerBitches tried to jack our spot. We prevailed but (of course) the HummerSkanks ended up on the same boat tour and the kids and I sat right next to them!!! I almost plucked at the lady's G-string that was peeking out the back of her pants, but I thought better of it when I saw her gigantic faux-Prada bag that probably contained a can of mace.

It was so nice to escape the heat for a day, it was 105 here but a balmy 76 in Monterey! The kids were angels (as usual) and we had a great time.

On a side note, if a restaurant touts their "new and improved children's menu" don't you think they would/should have more than two highchairs and one booster seat? I'm just sayin'.

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