Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Two year pictures!

We finally took the twins in for some pro pictures! It was a rough trip, they weren't really in the mood for photos, Alden is getting molars so his fist was in his mouth constantly. When I was changing Roo's outfit I accidentally pinched her leg when I snapped her onesie. Oops. Poor chicken little, her face is all blotchy in the pettiskirt pics, but she's still hecka cute. See for yourself!

Nana made the sock monkeys in the photo, she is amazingly talented! Their matching library bags are hanging on the bench. The twins have been getting a little rowdy at the library, so we bring their sock monkeys and they hold them while Ms. Carr reads books. It is so cute to see them sitting with their monkeys on their laps. Ruthie's favorite book is Brown Bear Brown Bear, What Do You See?, she has it memorized! Alden likes any Sandra Boynton book, but especially Hippos Go Berserk.

Alden wasn't happy about posing, I call these his calendar pics. I see a modeling career in his future, what do you think?

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Amber said...

Those pics are so cute. I wish I could see them bigger. Where did you get them done?