Sunday, July 27, 2008

Big news from Ruth!

About three weeks ago Ruthie woke up and decided she wasn't going to wear a diaper anymore. Yes, she is AMAZING. She peepees on the potty like a pro, and poops too. In fact, she makes family poops. After she dropped a dooce last week she proudly pointed to the and pointed out "there's a mommy poopoo, a daddy poopoo, and a Woofie (Ruthie) poopoo!"! She also does two different types of poop, pieces or a choo-choo. Pieces are little nuggets, a poo-poo choo-choo is a log. Fascinating, isn't it? We talk about poop all the time here. Finding tiny panties has been a little hard, she can wear size 12-18 in the waist and panties come in 2T-3T as the smallest size. Gymboree fits her pretty well, and Hanes from Target. The funny thing is that quite a few of her shorts and capris are way too big now that she isn't wearing a diaper! The good news is that I got out her last year's fall/winter wardrobe and discovered that since she isn't wearing a bulky diaper, she can wear most of her bottoms again this year.
Alden isn't as taken by the potty, he has peed in it on occasion, but I don't anticipate him being ready to potty train any time soon. He wears little underpants but tends to pee in them or take them off and streak through the house. We do a lot of streaking here. Well, the kids do.

As a reward for being a big girl and saying bye bye to diapers, Ruthie got a new kitty. She's a little Siamese named Violet.

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Jennifer said...

Go Ruthie!!! Awesome.

Emily wants to know if she can get a cat because she is potty trained too. It is a very very cute little kitty!