Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Telling tales

Lately the kids have been mega tattletales, and it drives me nuts. We walked past another mom and kid at Target and the kid had spilled Slurpie on his shirt, they said in unison "Mooommmm that boy spilled Slurrrrpie...." Um....okay thanks. Later we pass a kid who is standing up in the cart: "Mooommmmm that girl is standing up in the cart".....on and on and on "Moommmm that baby isn't wearing shoes...." "Mooommmmm that lady is taking a long time to checkout..." over and over and over they told on people all over the damn store. Thank goodness we weren't at Walmart or the Grocery Outlet or they would have had even more things to tattle on, like babies in diapers chugging baby bottles of Mt. Dew. As I loaded them in the car I told them I was done with hearing them tattle on people, and they need to mind their own business, not the business of others. I hear Alden start to tell Ruthie something as I close the back door, and by the time I open mine I hear Ruthie say "Mooommm, Aldens' minding other peopleses businesses still..." Oy.


MamaRose said...

OMG Sarah - I'm so sorry to laugh, but this post had me laughing! Babies chugging mountain dew at the Grocery Outlet or Walmart. The grand finale..."Mom, Alden's still minding other people's business!"...Oh, these are the things that we'll look back on and laugh when they get older. The Wondertwins are too cute!!

Danelle said...

LOL Mine are soooo there right now too!!!

Caitlin said...

Do what we do at work.... Is he/she hurt? Is someone else hurt? No? Great, then I don't want to hear about someone else. :-)

Although your kids are 3... They are just telling you what they're observing. :-D