Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Bet they've got their hands full.....*snicker snicker*

We went on a shoe buying adventure this weekend, Roo is now the proud owner of some super cute Vans. They run very fast and go JUMP JUMP JUMP. Anyway, as we were leaving the mall I saw a double stroller with two little baby buckets inside. As I stopped to admire the babies, I spied a single stroller with a THIRD baby bucket! Yup, TRIPLETS. The dad saw me staring and I knew the look on his face. It said "oh geez, please don't ask me any stupid questions". I knew that look well, as I have worn it myself on many occasions. Anyway, I swiveled my stroller around to show off my duo, and we traded genders, ages, etc.

As we walked away, Nick and I went through the List Of Questions* as a joke.

It started with Nick saying: "Triplets huh, bet they've got their hands full."

I followed up with: "Triplets? Are they all related?"

Our other favorites are:
Oh god, I'd kill myself.
Twins? That's grounds for suicide.
That's what you get for playing god (people rightly assume we used fertility treatments).
Boy and girl? Are they identical? No? Are you sure? They look so much alike!
So are they brother and sister? Both of them? Huh.

*These are ALL things people have said to me or Nick!

I think the "hands full" comment aggravates me the most because I hear it so frequently. Yes,, I do have my hands full. Instead of standing like an idiot and gaping at me, why don't you hold the freaking door open!!!

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