Thursday, February 7, 2008

Obama your mama!

Monday and Tuesday were full of political activities! On Monday we joined some fellow Dems for a little sign waving at a busy corner in town. Apparently Republicans thing it is really funny to honk then FLIP ME OFF! Seriously, what the heck? Don't agree with my political views, but have the class to not flip me off in front of my babies. Ugh.

Tuesday we voted. On the drive to the polling place we practiced saying "vote" and "Obama". While I was filling out my ballot Ruth kept yelling "vooote" with a long Minnesota-esque long O. Alden kept yelling "O-MAMA"!! I don't think the VFW hall has seen so much excitement in many years. We all got "I voted" stickers, Ruthie opted to put hers on on her sippy cup but Alden proudly affixed his to his shirt.

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