Monday, September 8, 2008

Violet has an ouchie.

On Saturday morning little Miss Violet jumped out the bedroom window and went to visit the dog next door (technically behind our house). We went looking for her after we realized she got out, and Nick found her cowering in a corner of the neighbor's yard. He scooped her up and we decided to bathe her because she was covered in dirt. We thought she was fine then realized she was definitely NOT fine, her leg bone was sticking out all crazy. Not through the skin thank goodness, but definitely not in the right place. He rushed her to the vet while I stayed home with the twins. We were able to save her, but her leg had to be removed. The vet says she'll be just fine, in fact she's already getting around pretty easily. We are keeping her in our bedroom for the next few weeks while she recovers, we need to make sure her stitches keep clean and that our dog doesn't bother her. She's still a kitten so mobility-wise she will adapt and still be able to do all the usual cat things like climb and run and pounce. Ruthie doesn't understand why Violet can't sleep with her, last night she asked for her and Nick told her Violet has to sleep with mommy and daddy, so Ruthie said "give her my Aunt Jeffer blankie". Awwww, she meant the quilt my sister Jennifer made for Roo when she was a baby. How sweet is my little girl?!?

Here are some pics, they are pretty graphic. I wasn't prepared for this at all, I didn't realize how shaved she would be and how big the incision is.

Dude, where's my freaking leg?

You take my leg AND I have to wear this stupid collar? Oh well, at least it is purple.


Amber said...

Oh my gosh! Poor kitty cat! That must have been quite a shock for you guys.

Jennifer said...

OH MY GOSH! Poor Violet, poor Roo, poor you!! Holy cow. I'm glad she is at least going to make a good recovery. And what a sweetheart that little girl is, talk about having empathy down. Give her a hug for me!