Monday, September 1, 2008

Ruthie is A-OK

Well, she's still sassy, but I didn't expect that to change. We waited around until noon on Friday for the all clear. Grrr. Not too impressed by the service we received at the ped's office. We had a fun weekend at my dad's house. Nana and grandpa babysat so the husband and I could go out OVERNIGHT. We stayed at a cute little hotel in Placerville and went out to dinner and did some window shopping. We attempted to see a movie but arrived at the multi-plex and realized that we had NO IDEA what any of the movies were about. The posters gave a little clue, but rather than waste $20 on something that might suck, we decided to go walk through Nugget. Nugget is like Whole Foods on steroids, tons of organic stuff, and the prepared food area is amazing. There's a salad bar, Chinese bar, grilled chicken, beer/wine, Mexican, on and on and on. The new store in El Dorado Hills is crazy big.

So yes, we spent our date night walking around a grocery store. When did I get so old and boring? Oh well.

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