Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Ruthie is a Narc

Tonight as we were driving home from looking at Christmas lights:

"Careful Doug, that's what Nana says to Gwampa" says Ruthie.
I say "When did Nana say that?"
"When him driving us to him's house, him's a cwazy driver and nana says careful Doug!"

My little tattler! Over Thanksgiving weekend we'd gone to downtown Placerville w/my family and nana and grandpa took the kids back to their house so Nick and I could have a date night. My dad is a pretty wild driver, he talks with his hands and likes to look you in the eye when you are talking, even if he's the one driving on the scary twisty narrow roads to his house.

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Jennifer said...

Oh my! How awesome is that?! What a cutie!!!