Wednesday, April 1, 2009

We got the keys!

Finally, at 5:30 PM yesterday, we got the keys!!!!

I immediately started painting, the colors we've chosen are amazing and I'm very happy.  The kids' bathroom is a bright yellow, Alden's room is sapphire blue.  I haven't started the other rooms yet, painting with two three year olds is just as hard as it sounds.  I ended up going back over to the house after we put them to bed, I was there until 11:45 painting away.  Aldens' room is a little dark, so I think we might lighten it up with a lighter blue stripe at some point.  Or maybe three stripes of varying width....Roo's room will be a medium pink color with beadboard wainscoting on the bottom 36" and a nice chair rail/molding on top of that.  

The carpet cleaners are coming today at 11, the oven is being delivered tomorrow.  We hope to knock out a chunk of the flooring job today, at least the kitchen so we don't have to move the stove and fridge out later.  

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