Monday, April 20, 2009


I need to take and post some pictures, but here's a quick recap of the projects we've started and/or finished since closing escrow three weeks ago:

ripped out carpets downstairs and put in lovely new laminate wood flooring
painted Ruth's room
painted Alden's room
painted their bathroom and put up wall decals
started painting the downstairs baths
hung a shelf in the laundry room
weeded and planted flowers in the front yard (work in progress)
hung blinds and roller shades in four rooms
made curtains for  the playroom (out of an old shower curtain!)
hung up a valance in the kitchen (with thumbtacks, how classy)
unpacked a zillion boxes
arranged and rearranged furniture

I still have a mile long list of things to do, notably more painting and yard work.  This home ownership business is very exciting, every little project is enjoyable and makes me smile when i walk through the door.  I'm sure I'll be singing a different tune in a few months, but for now we are enjoying life!

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MamaRose said...

Congratulations! It all sounds like so much fun :D