Monday, June 29, 2009

Field trip to Forte Frozen Yogurt

This afternoon the MOMS Club of Merced went on a field trip to Forte Frozen Yogurt, in downtown Merced. The kids were read a story about energy conservation and then made their own frozen yogurt concoctions! Forte features 12 different flavors of frozen yogurt, including multiple sugar free options, plus a zillion toppings like Oreo, fresh fruit, and cheesecake bites. Ruth made a strawberry fro yo with mini M&M candies, rainbow sprinkles, and mochi balls. Alden the purist had Hershey's Chocolate Kiss fro yo and rainbow sprinkles. Mama had strawberry fro yo with fresh strawberries and cheesecake bites. It's a really cool place and I hope it survives the Merced economy that seems to run new businesses out of town in months.

Satchel came along for the trip.

If you look closely you'll see they are wearing the ice cream outfits Grandma Bonk made.

Doing a little coloring sheet, Ruth wrote her own name. Both are now on display at Forte. See how my little gentleman crosses his legs, and my little lady has hers spread apart? Nice.

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MamaRose said...

OMG Sarah, they are too cute in those matching outfit, and what a perfect occassion to show them off. Way to go Grandma Bonk! Now if you can get some matching outfits for Satchel :D