Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Okay I guess I need to update

Life has been moving at warp speed lately!!!

A few things we've been doing, and perhaps some topics for future posts with more details:

-had a super fun third birthday party for Ruth and Alden at our house
-awesome trip to Disneyland for their birthday, with Grandpa, Nana and Aunt Vanessa
-Alden got a big boy bike (I cried)
-my grandma fell and broke her leg and is facing a long and difficult recovery, as a result the kids and I haven't been home much (been visiting her down in Fresno)
-painted one wall in our dining room red, it looks awesome
-various art/decorating projects
-Ruth drew on my car with a Sharpie (it came out)
-Alden has been playing with his Satchel doll, he asks me to babysit when he leaves the room
-someone commented to me about Ruthie being "little miss independent" and Ruthie yelled out "that's me!"

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MamaRose said...

Life with the "Wondertwins" sounds fun :D You're one busy mama!