Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Don't call CPS on me

Ruthie had a little tumble today, she fell off her scooter. It seems she may have broken a bone in her foot, I should know for sure tomorrow. Poor little bit, I have to carry her around, so she calls to me: "mommy, please take me potty" or "mommy, I want to sit in the other chair". So sad. I took her to the pediatrician and we had x-rays done, but the radiologist hasn't reviewed them yet. In the meantime, ice cream, an ACE bandage, and some Motrin is holding her off until the morning. The medical imaging place has a special separate room that is quite obviously the mammogram room, while we were waiting no fewer than three little old ladies came in to get their boobs squished. They all looked slightly nervous, and when the door to the special room opened I saw posters about breast self exams. Ruthie kept asking "what the ladies doing mama?", it was cute. She's such a little chatterbox, her latest kick is knowing everybody's name. The mailman, the homeless guy looting our recyling bin, the little girl having a tantrum at the doctor's office, the x-ray technician, etc. she must know everyone's name or else!

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Amber said...

How did it go? Any broken bones? I hope not, poor little Ruth