Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Mommy Blahs

I'm in the mood for some retail therapy courtesy of my giftcard.

First order of business, shoes:

Did you know that Chuck Taylor Low Top Converse are now almost 40 freaking dollars??


I'm way too stinkin' cheap to spend that much money on a pair of shoes for myself. I do need something more sensible than my usual flip-flops, so I'm going to bite the bullet. The twins run super fast now and wet flipflops aren't so good for sprinting after them when they decide to dash for the road full of pedophiles and candy and razorblades and other unsavory things.


Caitlin said...

Learn to shop at the Sketchers outlet in Fresno... You get the second pair half off - so two pairs of shoes is $50-$60...

Jill said...

EBay, my friend! I have been lucky enough to get all my Chucks for FREE (man the Dumpsters in Austin are awesome!) but I've gotten good deals on Chucks for DS1, and in cute colors/patterns too. His current pair are TIE DYE.

I followed your siggie on DS, BTW.