Friday, November 21, 2008

Use your inside voice when talking smack

Our local library has a story hour every Friday, a few weeks ago I noticed two newcomers. I believe they are a grandmother/daughter/granddaughter, and the grandmother is babysitting another granddaughter too. Got that? Okay. Anyway, during story time the kids tend to get up and walk around a little, nothing too bad. The twins like to get up and sit with their friends or just stand up to get the wiggles out. No biggie, right? It's a room full of toddlers, not a mausoleum. Anyway, after the story time the granny and her daughter were complaining about the level of chaos and bitching about the moms who are "just letting their kids run wild, how will they ever learn". Dude. It's story time. For toddlers. If you are that uptight now, just wait till your little darling is two. Of course, they were only complaining to each other, loudly, in front of other moms. Passive aggressive much? Ugh.

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