Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Bathtime Conversations

I love eavesdropping on the kids during their bath.  Tonight Ruthie decided our little rubber frog is her baby, and the baby needed to visit the doctor.  Alden is playing the part of the doctor.

Ruth:  My baby has an ouchie.
Alden:  The doctor is clo-sed.
Ruth:  My baybeeee neeedzz the docTOR!
Alden: The.doctor.is.clo-sed.,
Ruth:  OPEN!
Alden:  Okay, what you want?

At this point I stepped in and asked if the baby needs a bandaid.  Ruthie looked at me like I'm totally clueless and said "Mommy, only if it is an ima-gin-na-nary bandaid cuz we in the water".  I mimed handing a bandaid to Alden and he put it on the frog.  All was well.


Danelle said...

the girls are playing "baby" in the tub. They each take a turn playing baby. I will have to remember to write down their conservation tomorrow night.

The Ramirez Trio said...

Now that is to darn funny...