Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The signing begins

This house stuff is getting scary, my to-do list is a mile long and growing by the minute!  Yesterday I got to sign a huge stack of paperwork and make arrangements to hand over Ruthie.  It was either my first born or an arm and a leg, I figure the bank will give her back once they realize her motor never stops running.  Right?  

Closing is still set for 3/31, we have to be out of our rental by 4/11.  Hopefully we'll be able to finish at least a few projects before moving.  Painting is a definite must, the walls are in bad shape, the bank patched and painted over dings and holes, but the paint is FARRRR from a color match!  Ick.  Flooring would be great too, we are going to install laminate wood in the kitchen/living room/dining room area.  

So here's my current list, just in case anyone wants to volunteer to do all of this for me (just kidding, I'm just trying to stay organized)!  This doesn't even begin to include all of the things we have as longer-term projects (landscaping, kitchen updating)

-schedule moving truck
-purge junk
-schedule steam cleaning for upstairs carpets and stairs at new house
-pick out range
-pick out fridge
-ceiling fans (these could wait but summer will here soon and the bedrooms will be toasty upstairs)
-garage door opener (buy and install)
-set up PGE/water/garbage at new house and cancel old service
-change address with half the world (at least it seems like it)
-buy a real phone (we'll have a landline again!)
-buy a new bed (the one we have now belongs w/our rental)
-figure out window coverings (I know nothing about curtains/blinds/etc)
-stop feeling sad that the kids aren't going to share a room anymore
-clean up our rental so we hopefully get all of our deposit back
-plan the twins' birthday party 
-prepare for our Disneyland trip 

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Amber said...

I wish we lived closer so that I could help! Moving sucks, but somehow helping someone else get their new house ready seems a lot more appealing than moving myself. Let me know when you plan to go to Disneyland. Maybe we could meet somewhere.